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SXagro is a clould based portal for geo-spatial agricultural decision support system. Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing Image Analysis (RSIA), Global Positiong System (GPS), and rugged handhelds like SXtreo for data collection are the components integrated for you to gather real time precise data from the field, analyse the geo-referenced data, and disseminate immediate advisories to the farmers.

Electronic Pest Surveillance, Crop Coverage, and Yield Estimation are few of the features in use by the SXagro customers...

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Why SXagro

Increasing food demands due to high rates of population growth and major changes in political, economic and social systems have created an urgent need to develop new ...

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What is SXagro

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SXagro Product Line

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SXagro Product Line


  • A. Real Time Pest Intensity Report on Crop - Block - Season basis every week
  • B. Pest infestation Predictive alert on Crop - District - Season basis every week
  • C. Pest Management Mobile Advisory to Farmers on as demand basis


  • A. Crop Health Monitoring Report on Crop-Block-Season basis every fortnight
  • B. Crop Acreage Report on Crop-District-Season basis every fortnight


  • A. Yield forecast report on Crop-State-Season basis thrice in a crop season
  • B. Country wide yield forecast on Crop-Season basis twice in a crop season


  • A. Big Data analytic reports based on historical and current data on cropping patterns up to block level on variables of pest and fertilizers.
  • B. Impact analysis reports of climatic factors on crop yields up to block level

Why is SXagro ?

Increasing food demands due to high rates of population growth and major changes in political, economic and social systems have created an urgent need to develop new and revise many existing agricultural systems and practices. India is characterized by a high population with a phenomenal growth rate. The restless onslaught of demographic pressures on India’s natural resources has however put a question mark on the stability and sustainability of Indian agriculture. Now, more than ever, decision makers at all levels need an increasing amount of information to help them understand the possible outcomes of their decisions and develop plans and policies for meeting the increasing demand of food requirements without damaging the natural resources base. At the policy level, India is slowly but surely moving towards precision agriculture. Only the cost has been high so far, before Stesalit arrived with SXagro.

Agriculture is essentially a spatial phenomenon which is not independent of location. GIS is the tool and technology that handles various spatial databases. This spatial information technology allows you to examine and analyze a wider range of agricultural related resources such as soil, weather, hydrology, various socio-economic variables simultaneously and accurately. Simultaneous examination of these variables in a GIS environment leads to a better understanding of how agricultural systems function and interact over space and time.

SXagro from Stesalit with embedded GIS interface can better organize and analyze spatial data, address the problems related to spatial and temporal variability of various natural resources on which the performance of agricultural systems depends. The system allows the management to gather, analyze, and display spatial data.

GIS information includes land use, drainage, soil type, soil depth and soil chemical properties. Recommendations for each type of land use can also be provided to the farmers through the SXagro modules. The administrators can analyze and plan for improved crop coverage, pest control, crop yield, watershed management and gradually move towards precision farming.



Supported By

  • Rapid Eye Germany
  • SkyMap Global Singapore
  • Neo B.V. Netherlands

Knowledge Partners

  • National Center For Integrated Pest Management-ICAR
  • Bidhan Chandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, West Bengal
  • Uttar Banga Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, West Bengal

Latest News

  • Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswvidyalaya, one of the premier Agriculture Universities in India has started using SXagro with Sxtreo (embed www.sxtreo.com) rugged handhelds for ePest surveillance and monitoring crop coverage in the districts of West Bengal.
  • SXagro wins award for the best geospatial application in Agriculture
  • SXagro awarded International award for Geospatial application in Agriculture
  • SXagro showcased in the VC Circle, in Mumbai.
  • SXagro nominated for the Manthan awards.

Winner of National and International Awards!